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Wings of Omega Now Available for XLBIG!

Wings of Omega Preview

A few preview screenshots!

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A sneak peak at a major city in episode 2.

Aphelion Episode 2: Wings of Omega Announced

Lunatic Studios is proud to announce Aphelion Episode 2: Wings of Omega for Xbox Live Indie Games. Aphelion Episode 2: Wings of Omega is slated for a Winter 2010 release.

Episode 2: Wings of Omega is the conclusion to one of the most popular RPG franchises on Xbox Live Indie. In Wings of Omega players will reprise the role of Savion Mercarte as they pick up their adventure where Episode 1: Graves of Earth left off. Savion and his allies will have to contend with enemies on two fronts as they unravel who the true orchestrator is of the attack on Earth!

Wings of Omega features:

  • A new playable character
  • A more intuitive interface
  • New skills
  • Improved Boss AI
  • Improved Animations
  • Character Portraits
  • Painted Cutscenes
  • Status Effects
  • Side Quests and More Optional Content
  • Faster Paced Combat and Dungeons
  • Teleportation System

Aphelion EpisodeĀ 1